Bling Sting Stun Gun - Mink

  • Bling Sting Stun Gun - Mink

Bling Sting Stun Gun - Mink


The Stunning Gun.

  • BRING DOWN AN ATTACKER - Respond To A Threat With Disabling, Pain-inducing Voltage
  • SPLIT-SECOND RESPONSE - Shock With Police-grade Electrical Charge, Lithium-Ion Batteries Included
  • SECURE SAFETY ON/OFF SWITCH - Prevents Misfires, Carry Confidently in Purse, Gym Bag, and Backpack
  • SELF-DEFENSE - Non-lethal Weapon, Reviewed & Trusted by Women and College Students
  • GIVE PEACE OF MIND - Parents to Loved Ones, College Students, Women, Nurses, and Uber/Lyft Drivers

Stun gun laws and restrictions change often. We encourage you to check with local laws before ordering any self-defense device.

  • Local State laws and restrictions prohibit sales to Hawaii and Rhode Island.
  • Local State laws and restrictions require a "concealed carry" permit in Connecticut, Delaware, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
  • City and county laws/restrictions prohibit shipments of stun guns to any customers in Newark, New Castle, and Wilmington, County Delaware, Crawford and Dension County, Iowa, New Orleans, Louisiana, Annapolis, Baltimore, Howard County, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Must be 18+ to purchase