Anyone needing fingerprints for an employment / licensing background check in the State of Florida must submit their information via LiveScan. The interesting thing about Florida's process is that, unlike any other state in the US, Florida is considered an "open" state and allows individuals to submit their LiveScan prints from anywhere in the US. In order to do so, you must go to a LiveScan provider near you. 

We are one of those providers. In order to sign up and have your Florida background check / LiveScan processed at our location, you must first sign up with our FDLE provider for Florida. 

Here are simple instructions to get you started. Please go to, click on “make an appointment” (upper right corner) then scroll down to the State Department section and select Florida ( You will then need to register with Fieldprint (unless you are returning customer). Simply follow the prompts from this point forward. If you have any questions directly related to Fieldprint services, please direct calls to Fieldprint Customer Service - (877) 614-4364. NOTE: Fieldprint cannot complete over the telephone registrations due to personal information privacy laws.

Once you have registered through Fieldprint and have your appointment information, you can come to our location for processing of your fingerprints. Also, if you happen to be in our area prior to your appointment, we can service you on a "walk-in" basis any time (during our normal fingerprinting hours) prior to your appointment.