(Business / Residential / Vehicle)
    • Does confidential information seem to be getting out to competitors / interested parties?
    • Was your home / office/ vehicle entered and very little or nothing was taken?
    • Do you hear unusual sounds (crackling, clicks, volume changes) on your telephone?
    • Do you believe someone is tampering with your telephone; i.e., numbers in memory being lost, etc.?
    • Do you hear interference with your radio or television?
    • Have you seen an unexplainable light source emitting from underneath / or inside your vehicle? (Most GPS bugs have an LED indicating the remaining battery power)

    Metro Investigations offers several comprehensive diagnostic debugging services as a proactive approach to dealing with a more and more common situation – eavesdropping and surreptitious information gathering. Level the playing field or just keep the advantage by knowing exactly who or how someone may be gathering information about you or your company.

    *Metro’s technicians are available by appointment only*