CEU Classes
Approved Trainer by the Alabama Private Investigation Board
(Continuing Education Units)


In need of CEU Classes to maintain your Alabama PI license? Well, you have come to the right place! We are one of 6 training companies certified in Alabama to teach CEU’s and ANY of our classes are eligible for continuing education units! (These classes are also available for those who are interested in being a PI, prior to licensing.) Now let’s look at your options:


Take our private investigation class in it’s entirety and receive 16 CEU hours – including the required 2 hours of Ethics: Cost $1,000.00; Total CEU’s: 16 Hours.


Take our "Build Your Own" private investigation class. Your choice of 5 topics. Cost $500.00; Total CEU's: 5 Hours. NOTE: Domestic Investigations class is excluded with this option.


Take ANY of our classes - Individually for $150.00 per class [2 Hours per class] – Total CEU’s: 2 Hours. NOTE: Domestic Investigations class is excluded with this option.


Take our Domestic Investigations class [3 Part Series; 2 Hours each Class] for $400.00: Total CEU’s 6 Hours. Our most popular class for PI’s!

 Below is a list of the comprehensive courses taught during our Beginning Investigation Classes:

  1. Background Checks / Social Media Investigations
  2. Surveillance Techniques
  3. Electronic Equipment
  4. Countermeasures / Theft Detection
  5. Kinesics (Study Of Body Language)
  6. Disguise Techniques
  7. Fraud Investigations
  8. Electronic Forensics (As it pertains to Domestic cases)
  9. Testifying in Court / Working with Attorneys
  10. Fingerprinting
  11. Report Writing
  12. How to Catch a Catfish
  13. Domestic Investigations - Part 1 (excluded from option #2 and #3)
  14. Domestic Investigations - Part 2 (excluded from option #2 and #3)
  15. Domestic Investigations - Part 3 (excluded from option #2 and #3)
  16. Domestic Investigations - Part 4 (excluded from option #2 and #3)
  17. Ethics Investigations

NOTE: Select any of these classes, excluding Domestic Investigations, for Option#3.