Blue Line Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs

  • Blue Line Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs

Blue Line Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs


Who says you can’t be stylish and safe while on the shooting range. Our electronic ear muffs are not only “blinged out” for a fashion statement but also packed with safety features because your hearing is important. Comfortable, folding, slim earmuffs are blinged out like no others and are packed into a hard shell storage case! You think they look good in pictures…just wait until you see them in person – they really sparkle, especially in the sunlight! Each set is custom decorated by hand in the USA.

  • Walkers Alpha brand
  • 2 wind resistant, high frequency, stereo microphones for precise sound directionality
  • 5x Hearing Enhancement
  • Power - 50dB
  • Two independent volume controls
  • Sound activated compression (SAC)
  • Anti-Microbial Ear Pads
  • Noise reducing rating, NRR 24dB
  • Power source 2 Energizer® 'AAA' batteries (included)
  • Batteries insert from inside the earcup (behind the inside foam), so crystals do not get disturbed at all when replacing

These earmuffs are the only custom embellished hearing protection that meet the official American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications. 


  • Hard shell, padded case 
  • Always store and transport your ear muffs in the included case!